We are both a Limited Company and a Registered Charity. We have up to date Policies in place covering everything from Health and Safety, Children and Vulnerable Adults, Equal Opportunities. Our Annual Reports are sent to Companies House and we hold Trustee Meetings six times a year. If you would like to have a look at any of these policies, just let Sally, our Administrator know, and she will email you a copy.

We have eight Trustees. The Hall is run by a Management Committee; the Playing Field by the Grounds Committee. We are all volunteers who love what we do. We are always looking for people with new ideas to come and join us, so do let us know if you would like to take part.

We also want to make sure that we provide what you want, so, again, let us know if you have any bright ideas.


There are eight Trustees. The Constitution allows for 10 Trustees, one to be nominated by the Parish Council, six to be elected by the community at the AGM and three may be so-opted.

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting

Click Here for Trustees Meeting Minutes.


Name Position Telephone Email
Jeremy Cave Chairman & Finances 07500 987376
John Warham Company Secretary 07770 964265
Helen Curran Health & Safety Representative
Lucinda Reddyhoff Publicity and Social Media
Marcus Wakefield Trustee and Grounds Represenative  07734 469004
Andrew Jamieson Trustee and Vice Chairman 07788 668899
Sue Herbert Trustee and Fund Raising Representative 07734 469004
Sam Reid Bookkeeping and Car Park Administrator
Sally Cotton Bookings and Publicity Administrator 07502 265305
Adrian Siddle Groundsman 07389 799140
Mike Ballentine Trustee & Hall Committee Chairman 07400 655455 Email
Jason Law Trustee 07733 330063 Email
Hilary Dyson Trustee and Hall Committee Rep. Email

Sally Cotton