Thornham Village Hall and Playing Field Ltd was established as a Company limited by guarantee in 2011 (Reg. Co. No. 07479975) and is a registered Charity (Reg. No. 1141442). The objectives of the charity are, ‘to establish and run a village hall and provide and maintain a recreation and sports ground and children’s playground….in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of life of the inhabitants”.

The day to day running of the facilities is organized by two committees who work with the Trustees. The Grounds Maintenance Committee manages the facilities on the field including the cricket and football pitches, the Multi-Use Games area and the Children’s Play Area. The Village Hall Committee manages the hall and its facilities.


There are eight Trustees. The Constitution allows for 10 Trustees, one to be nominated by the Parish Council, six to be elected by the community at the AGM and three may be so-opted.

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting

Click Here for Trustees Meeting Minutes.


Name Position Telephone Email
John Warham Chairman 01485 512546
Stephanie Mocatta Trustee and CEO 01485 512400
Jeremy Cave Committee Chairman 07500 987376
Emma Bett Invoices and Payments
Liz Watson Trustee and H&S Representative 07734 469004
Marcus Wakefield Trustee and Grounds Represenative  07734 469004
Andrew Jamieson Trustee and Vice Chairman 07788 668899
Sue Herbert Trustee and Fund Raising Representative 07734 469004
Sam Staveley Trustee, Company Secretary and PC Representative 07734 469004
Sally Cotton Bookings and Publicity Administrator 07502 265305
Adrian Siddle Groundsman 07881 546794

Sally Cotton