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Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 February 2019   11:00am - 4:30pm        Admission Free - Donations Accepted         Thornham Village Hall
Thornham Village Hall


Thornham and the War 1939-45

To mark the 80 years since 1939, our exhibition will aim to tell people about World War 2, both nationally and, particularly, in and around Thornham. We will combine general aspects such as wartime food, the Land Army, rationing and security with details of local military and Home Guard activities and first-hand accounts of the village during the war.

Looking at the war on the front line, younger visitors will be able to handle contemporary firearms and appreciate just how heavy it was to use a rifle and bayonet We will also be showing the younger visitors what evacuation was about so they can appreciate what was really involved, as even young children were sent from the cities to country locations.

Obviously, we will highlight those associated with the village who served during the conflict - these include a recipient of the Victoria Cross (the top British award for gallantry), someone who ran his own resistance group in occupied France and ended the war in a series of notorious concentration camps and those who ‘simply’ served on the front line and, sometimes, found themselves in prisoner of war camps.

Finally, after looking at VE Day and VJ Day, we will be serving wartime austerity refreshments !

Admission will be free although there will be an opportunity to donate to services charities.

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