100 Club

Last year, over 15,000 people passed through the Village Hall attending events such as Winter Warmers, Live by Satellite Theatre, Village Cinema, Kids’ Club, Soup and Sandwich Lunches, the Annual Fun Day and a Christmas Gift Fair. Thornham Football Club ended their season at the top of the League, the cricket team are the proud owners of new cricket nets, new covers and a new roller, and TVHPF has established itself as a recognised quality venue offering quality events.

None of this could have been achieved without the financial support of the Hall's friends and the “100 Club” is one of the ways we raise funds to keep the Hall and its events running smoothly, allowing it to maintain and further develop its facilities including the playing field, the tennis court and the children's play ground.

Membership of the 100 Club is £60 per ticket per year and 50% of all the money from the 100 Club is distributed in prizes. The remaining 50% is spent on upkeep of the Hall and the Playing Field. There are four monthly prizes:

  • 1st prize - £150
  • 2nd prize - £100
  • 3rd / 4th prize – 50/50 split of remaining prize money.

The 100 Club is now into its third year of operation and is very popular and well supported by approximately 140 members.

For further details, please email: or download the application form and follow the instructions on the form.

May Winners
1st Prize £150 Joe Davies
2nd Prize £100 Roz White
3rd Prize £36.25 Stephen Bett
4th Prize £36.25 Charlie Mocatta
April Winners
1st Prize £150 Pawel Kisielewski
2nd Prize £100 Jenny Sheach
3rd Prize £35.00 Alison & Clive Wakes Miller
4th Prize £35.00 Sue Herbert
March Winners
1st Prize £150 Mike Morrison
2nd Prize £100 Graham Boal
3rd Prize £35.00 Jane Wearing
4th Prize £35.00 John Osborne
February Winners
1st Prize £150 Jane Wearing
2nd Prize £100 Eileen Warham
3rd Prize £32.50 Ingunn Bjornson
4th Prize £32.50 Carolyn Barrett
January Winners
1st Prize £150 Sarah Kisielewska
2nd Prize £100 Donna O’Neill Ellis
3rd Prize £31.25 John Caborn
4th Prize £31.25 Alison Limb
December Winners
1st Prize £150 Richard Ellis
2nd Prize £100 The Chequers Inn
3rd Prize £50.00 Jeremy Delmar Morgan
4th Prize £50.00 Peter Crick
November Winners
1st Prize £150 Sarah Henderson
2nd Prize £100 Hilary & Chris Dyson
3rd Prize £50.00 John Osborne
4th Prize £50.00 Jane Long
October Winners
1st Prize £150 Rosie Rodwell
2nd Prize £100 Pat Thompson
3rd Prize £50.00 Sue Herbert
4th Prize £50.00 Billy King-Harman
September Winners
1st Prize £150 Simon Mocatta
2nd Prize £100 Hayes & Storr
3rd Prize £50.00 Barefoot Retreats
4th Prize £50.00 Carolyn Barrett
August Winners
1st Prize £150 Jenny Sheach
2nd Prize £100 Hina Patel
3rd Prize £50.00 James Wherry
4th Prize £50.00 Margaret Snaith
July Winners
1st Prize £150 Stephanie Mocatta
2nd Prize £100 Ali Harris
3rd Prize £50.00 Simon Everton
4th Prize £50.00 John Warham
June Winners
1st Prize £150 Anna Ducharme
2nd Prize £100 Nilesh Patel
3rd Prize £50.00 Mary Hamilton
4th Prize £50.00 Stephanie Mocatta
May Winners
1st Prize £150 Hayes & Storr
2nd Prize £100 Christina Hurn
3rd Prize £50.00 Carol Garner
4th Prize £50.00 Sue Hardy
April Winners
1st Prize £150 Louise Wilkerson
2nd Prize £100 John Harris
3rd Prize £50.00 Rose Bellinger
4th Prize £50.00 John White
March Winners
1st Prize £150 Sally Tarlton
2nd Prize £100 James Wherry
3rd Prize £50.00 Mike Harpham
4th Prize £50.00 Christopher Wood
February Winners
1st Prize £150 Sandra Wilkinson
Dersingham Team
2nd Prize £100 Nilesh Patel
3rd Prize £48.75 Mark Wyett
4th Prize £48.75 Adrian Brown
January Winners
1st Prize £150 Arielle Bryan
2nd Prize £100 Adrian Brown
3rd Prize £38.75 Val Goddard
4th Prize £38.75 Tony Parr
December Winners
1st Prize £150 Peter Barnes
2nd Prize £100 Margaret Snaith
3rd Prize £42.50 Anna Ducharme
4th Prize £42.50 Stepehn Bett
November Winners
1st Prize £150 Les Edgar
2nd Prize £100 James Eley
3rd Prize £42.50 Derek Woodhouse
4th Prize £42.50 Eileen Warham
October Winners
1st Prize £150 Phil Peters
2nd Prize £100 Melanie Venes
3rd Prize £46.25 Duncan Ogilvy
4th Prize £46.25 Mike Morrison
September Winners
1st Prize £150 Sue Herbert
2nd Prize £100 Robert Goddard
3rd Prize £46.25 Richard Wood
4th Prize £46.25 Hayes & Storr
August Winners
1st Prize £150 Hayes & Storr
2nd Prize £100 Louise Wilkerson
3rd Prize £46.25 Eileen Warham
4th Prize £46.25 Belinda Chell
July Winners
1st Prize £150 Mark Coley
2nd Prize £100 Stephen Bett
3rd Prize £46.25 Louise Wilkerson
4th Prize £46.25 Rosie Rodwell
June Winners
1st Prize £150 Les Edgar
2nd Prize £100 Jenny Sheach
3rd Prize £47.50 Janet Needham
4th Prize £47.50 Elaine Workman
May Winners
1st Prize £150 Leslie Bovey
2nd Prize £100 Shelia Brown
3rd Prize £47.50 H. Barrett
4th Prize £47.50 Charles Howard
April Winners
1st Prize £150 Joyce Jeffereys
2nd Prize £100 John Harris
3rd Prize £45.00 Peter Warham
4th Prize £45.00 Billy King-Harmon
March Winners
1st Prize £150 Chris Berridge
2nd Prize £100 Belinda Chell
3rd Prize £45.00 Hayes & Storr
4th Prize £45.00 Nick Mocatta
February Winners
1st Prize £150 Alison Wakes Miller
2nd Prize £100 Vic Hardy
3rd Prize £45.00 Mike Morrison
4th Prize £45.00 Michael Schwitzer
January Winners
1st Prize £150 Nick Mocatta
2nd Prize £100 John Coborn
3rd Prize £45.00 Lizzie Boal
4th Prize £45.00 Les Edgar
Thornham Village Hall